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About PetSafe...


The manufacturer of PetSafe products (Radio Systems Corporation) is a member of the Electronic Collars Manufacturers Association (ECMA).

The Electronic Collars Manufacturers Association has established itself in view of promoting the safe and responsible use of electronic training devices.
ECMA builds its reputation on the following principles:
The association has been set up for the responsible manufacture and use of pet training devices.
ECMA has set up a code of conduct including a self-regulation to limit
levels of output in their products based on scientific evidence of no harm.
Companies not willing to subscribe to the code of conduct have not been granted access to ECMA.
Benefit of products
Our products have saved thousands of animal lives by helping to correct
behavioral problems such as chasing livestock or game, attacking other pets or people, eating dangerous or unhealthy material, chasing cars, excessive barking.
Our products are valuable as they often represent a last resort of training dogs, which otherwise may have to be killed due to behavioral issues.
Many professionals endorse the use considering the successful and beneficial results.
Products do no harm to animals
The static pulse is uncomfortable, startling, but not harmful or painful.
The purpose of the devices is not to hurt the pet, but to train it.
Millions of Euros have been spent in research to identify the level of current to be used in order not to harm animals, but to remain effective.
Charter for animal welfare
1. Our Commitment
All members of ECMA commit to meet the requirements laid out in this document for all pet protection products they offer for sale in EU countries. These requirements apply to static and spray collars in containment fences, remote trainers and anti-bark applications.
ECMA is committed to the safety of companion animals and to the responsible use of members’ products.
In the event that malicious acts against the welfare of companion animals are brought to the attention of ECMA, ECMA and its members reserve the right to prosecute those responsible.
2. Our Standards
2.1 Mandatory inclusions in manuals
All products must include a user manual containing effective operational and training instructions.
Manuals for static and spray collars must state that the products must only be used with animals which are over 6 months old.
Manuals for any collar based products must include advice about avoidance of pressure necrosis. This should include recommendations that the collar is not worn continually, that the collar fit is checked regularly and that animal’s neck is checked often.
2.2 Approvals and Product marking
All products must:
Comply with current relevant EU standards. (copies of approval and test certificates to be kept by members and made available upon demand)
Comply with current relevant EU radio frequency regulations.
Carry the CE logo.
Optionally carry the ECMA “Approved Product” logo.
2.3 Product safety requirements for static products
The power of static products must not exceed either15Ma RMS, or alternatively 100 mA maximum (reference IEC 479-1 and 479-2).
The length of the stimulation period must be limited by an automatic safety cut-out.
Products must have variable levels of correction power to suit the needs of the animal, the owner and the situation.
Collar contacts must have safe, rounded points.
The distance between collar contact points must not exceed 60mm.


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