SportDOG SportHunter  SD-1525E Multi Dog remote Trainer
SportDOG SportHunter  SD-1525E Multi Dog remote Trainer

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SportDOG SportHunter SD-1525E Multi Dog remote Trainer

The SportDOG SportHunter® SD-1525E has been proven safe, comfortable and effective for all dogs over 3,6kg.

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The SportDOG SportHunter® SD-1525E has been proven safe, comfortable and effective for all dogs over 3,6kg. Consistent, correct use of this product allows you to reinforce commands and correct misbehaviour from up to 1600 m.
The Remote Transmitter sends a signal, activating the Collar Receiver to deliver a harmless stimulation. With proper training, a dog will learn to associate this signal with a command. Like all SportDOG products, this model features adjustable stimulation levels so you can tailor the stimulation level to your dog´s temperament, eliminating the risk of over-correction.

The SD-1525E is the latest dog training collar from SportDOG.
It a great collar with 8 levels of momentary and 8 levels of continuous stimulation (may be programmed to have 14 levels of either) and a one mile range. You have a choice of continuous and momentary correction, and vibration and tone options which allow you to choose the proper correction for a customized training system.
The receiver is ergonomically designed with an extremely slim profile which ensures perfect fit. The receiver has the SportDOG DryTek design with makes the collar 100% waterproof and can be submersed in up to 7,5 m of water.

This unit comes with a convenient docking system which allows it to be charged in just 2 hours. 
Adding dogs to the SportDOG SD-1525E is as easy as purchasing a SportDOG SDR-AFE  Add-A-Dog and turning it on.

SportDOG SportTrainer Add-A-DOG collar SDR-AFE   

- 1 mile range.
- Choice of momentary and continuous correction.
- 7 levels of momentary and 7 levels of continuous stimulation (unit may be programmed operate with 14 levels of either stimulation).
- Vibration and tone options make long distance communication a breeze.
- System charges in 2 hours.
- Expands to 6 dogs with purchase of additional receivers.
- Rechargeable System in collar.
• Rechargeable Transmitter battery
• Rechargeable Receiver battery
- Docking station charger.
- 100% Waterproof.
- No external antenna on receiver. 
- Transmitter dimensions :17cm x 5cm x 2,5cm (144 g with battery)  
- Receiver dimensions     : 3cm x 6.6cm x 1.9cm (94 g with collar strap)
- Three Year Warranty 

- SD-1525 Transmitter
- SD-1525 Receiver
- Charging Cradle
- Adapter
- Test light
- Belt Clip
- Lanyard
- Long contact points
• SportDOG - PetSafe Contact Points /STANDARD/
• SportDOG - PetSafe Contact Points /LONG/

Replacement Strap Collar:
SportDOG Collar /Black/ 
SportDOG Collar /Orange/  
SportDOG Collar /Green/ 
SportDOG Collar /Yellow/

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is the stimulation safe for my dog?                                                                  
While Continuous and/or Momentary stimulation may be unpleasant, it is harmless to your dog. Electronic training devices require interaction and training from the owner to achieve desired results.
2. How old does a dog have to be before using the SportHunter SD-1525E?
Your dog should be able to learn basic obedience commands such as Sit
or Stay. The Collar Receiver may be too large for dogs under 3.6 kg (8 lb).
3. Once my dog is trained and has been obeying my commands, will my dog   have to continue to wear the Collar Receiver?
Your dog may need to wear the Collar Receiver from time to time for reinforcement. Also, many hunters keep the Collar Receiver on their dogs while hunting for maximum control.
4. Is the Collar Receiver waterproof?
Yes. If the rechargeable battery pack ever needs to be replaced,make sure the
o-ring and o-ring groove are free from dirt and debris.
5. Can my Collar Receiver be used around salt water?
If the Collar Receiver is used in or around salt water, the CollarReceiver should
be rinsed with fresh water following each use.
6. Can I use the SportHunter SD-1525E with more than one dog (up to 6)?
Yes, SportDOG Add-A-Dog Collar Receivers must be purchased. Please refer to page 14 for a list of compatible Collar Receivers.
7. Can I use the SportHunter SD-1525E on aggressive dogs?
We do not recommend any of our products to be used on aggressive dogs.
We recommend you contact your local veterinarian or professional trainer to
determine if your dog might be aggressive.
8. Will I get exactly one mile of range with the SportHunter SD-1525E?
The range you get with your SportHunter SD-1525E will vary according
to terrain, weather, vegetation, as well as transmission from other radio
devices. To get the maximum amount of range, please refer to How the
System Works section of this guide.
9. How long can I continuously deliver stimulation to my dog?
The maximum amount of time you can press the Continuous Stimulation Button and deliver stimulation to your dog continuously is 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the Remote Transmitter will timeout,and the Continuous Stimulation Button must be released and pressed again.
10. What do I do if my dog`s neck becomes red and irritated?
This condition, pressure necrosis, is due to the Contact Points irritating
the skin. Discontinue use of the Collar Receiver for a few days. If the
condition persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian. Once the skin
returns to normal, resume use, and monitor the skin condition closely.
11. The Intensity Dial seems difficult to rotate. Is this normal?
Yes. This prevents accidental changes in intensity and encourages an optimal waterproof seal. The knob will break in and be slightly easier to turn as you use it.
12. Can I attach a lead to the SportHunter SD-1525E?
DO NOT attach a lead to the SportHunter SD-1525E. You may put a separate
non-metallic collar on your dog`s neck and attach a lead. Be sure the extra
collar does not interfere with the Contact Points.
13. Can I program my SportHunter SD-1525E to work with my other SportDOG Brand systems?

Yes. You can program your SportHunter™ SD-1525E to work with the
SD-425E, SD-425S-E, SD-425CAMO-E, SD-825E, SD-1225E, SD-1825E, or
SD-1875E systems. Because the SD-1525E operates at a different frequency,
it is not backwards compatible with any other SportDOG® Brand systems.